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Gifts by Gehry

December 8, 2020 Blog


Pandemic be damned, ’tis still the season for giving. Three opportunities for the well-heeled are by architect Frank Gehry. Open your Wally’s catalog and there it is, a shining angel of a cognac, Gehry’s design for a bottle of Hennessey X.O.  

Masterpiece Hennessey X.O.
By Frank Gehry

Titled Masterpiece, the $50,000 limited edition cognac  bottle was dipped in bronze, scrunched around the edges, coated in 24 k gold and set in a splashy surround of icy glass. The signed edition of 150, marking 150 years of Hennessey, comes in the architect’s corrugated cardboard box with a brass and gold fusil. Wally’s says only five were made available in the U.S.. The influence of art collectors, also Wally’s proprietors, Paul and Maurice Marciano, ensured they got one of them.

Frank Gehry: Catalogue Raisonné of the Drawings Volume One, 1954–1978,

You can see the origins of Gehry’s unusual approach to architecture in a new catalogue raisonné of his drawings from 1954–1978 released by Cahiers d’Art. From the straight and narrow of mid-century  design and Japanese influences, he evolves  his own form of baroque modern. At $395, a relative bargain. http://Cahiers d’Art



Frank Gehry
Teapot Prototype
Collection of Chuck Arnoldi

And some of Gehry’s art, though not for sale, is included in Object Lessons, a pop up show by Michael Slenske and  Gerard O’Brien in a Venice building designed by Gehry for Charles Arnoldi, whose sculpture is shown along with his furniture and functional art by a slew of L.A. artists including Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston and Joe Goode. By appointment to Dec. 12.

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp writes about modern and contemporary art, architecture and design.